basic element space
You say what, we answer how

About why
Often in our work we were faced with the need to find a non-standard solution, which was impossible to implement due to the lack of the necessary elements on sale.
A 3D workshop was assembled for their needs, which over time scaled to the needs of customers.
We want to implement such a space on Nuanu and expand its capabilities.

Printing of parts for engineering solutions, decor, individual souvenirs and branded marketing products made of plastic, clay and other materials, including edible.
At the moment, orders are already being received for 3D printing.

About Teaching
Embracing 3D technology empowers both adults and children to explore new horizons, unleash their creativity, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. It fosters a mindset of innovation, problem-solving, and adaptability, which are essential qualities in today's dynamic world.

About 3D painter
By integrating 3D robot artists into room decorating and teaching, we can tap into their precision, versatility, and ability to create intricate designs. These technologies revolutionize the way we approach artistic expression and education, offering novel opportunities for personalization, skill development, and enhanced learning experiences.

About SLA 3D printer
The SLA 3D printer is a modern device that uses light polymerization technology to create high-quality 3D models.
One of the key features of the SLA 3D printer is its accuracy. Thanks to the unique technology of light curing of resin, this type of printer is capable of creating models with a very high degree of detail.
The SLA 3D printer combined with a 3D scanner is a powerful tool that provides high accuracy and the ability to create custom-made copies of people.

About chess
Based on our 3D space, we are implementing a social project for Bali schools to replace plastic garbage with chess for children.
The line for processing plastic bottles with subsequent extrusion into a thread for a 3D printer will allow us to create chess from recycled materials.

About our competitors
Additive technology is not yet widespread in Bali. Four companies provide 3D printing services. There are PLA, PETG and SLA printers.
Our experience and knowledge allows us to use not only stock models, but also to design and build printers to the customer's needs.
  • Printing with various materials
  • Maximum use of secondary raw materials in the production of complex products
  • From finding a technical solution to its real implementation
  • Increasing the strength of the product from recycled waste by optimizing the shape topology

About future
Progress is accelerating. The leading positions in the market are occupied by enterprises that can quickly master new ideas, designs, technologies and quickly bring the product to market. The demand for means of production of rapid adaptation is growing.
3D printing, having occupied the market of prototyping devices, is actively moving to the development of mass production. We have gained experience in creating and operating a 3D printing laboratory, we propose to create such a space within the framework of the NUANU project. We are confident that with the growth of NUANU's technical equipment, additive technologies will be in great demand.

In numbers by 2026
  • 18 printers
    Cash turnover from $170,000
  • From 500 students per year
    Cash turnover from $35,500

about Team
  • Dmitry Belyakov
  • Marina Belyakova
  • Aaron Frankel
  • Yuni Asti